Nowadays, celebrities are more famous for their glamour and wealth than for their achievements, and this sets a bad example to young people. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Most of the superstars of current era are known for their lavish lifestyle and bank balance rather than their accomplishments and it is a bad example for the youngsters. In my opinion, I completely agree with this statement as not only does this practice deviate youngsters’ minds from studies but it also makes them set unrealistic ambitions. Firstly, the possessions of celebrities attract teenagers while luring them away from the studies. Students in their teens are the ones most attracted to celebrities. The superstars often showcase their supposedly content life around all the materialistic things they have earned. Teenagers are most vulnerable among their audience and they waste a lot of time and money following them. By the time they realize, the professional life is already knocking at the door. Secondly, the extravagant lifestyle of the celebrities encourages youngsters to fantasize about unrealistic goals. There is so much competition in the entertainment industry that only 3% of the people trying to become a superstar actually make it big in their lives. The youngsters fail to realize this and focus with all their might, on becoming like their idols. After multiple attempts at it, they are often left broke and wondering which career path to choose. In conclusion, I agree that the trend of following hyped up celebrities becomes a reason for lack of education and meaningless wander for the youngsters. The dreams of the youngsters are manipulated by materialistic attraction and it is often too late when this is realized.
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