Some people believe public libraries are not important for people, others disagree about this statement. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

There is no doubt that the society needs variety of public infrastuctures to grow and progress. While some believe that infrastucture like library are not as important as others are, I would agree with those who argue that this utility is also equally contrubute in the development of the society. Firstly, the main purpose of library is to provide books and space for reading. But, in fact, in last few decade, information technology has adavanced in leaps and bounds, and thanks to this amelioration, we can store ample amount of books in our mobile and computer. For instance, with the mordern tools like internet and smart phones, one can access desired information any time at his own comfort, which is not the same in case with library. Hence, significance of library has been diminished by the contemorary information technology. However, I believe that library is not only a critical component of education system but also plays a crucial role in community services. The reason for this is that it imparts knowldge of various genre to the members of community who are not friendly with modern-day technology, namely elderly people. Apart form this, it is also used as space for social gathering where regional and cultural functions take palce. For example, district library of Vadodara has collection of wide range of scriptures, which is regulary accessed by senior people for learning new things. Moreover, it hosts the annual literature festival as well. Thus, if these places were not given adequate importance, then it would jeopardise the palce for social gathering and hinder adult education. In conclusion, although the recent development has change the way we stored information and access them, I believe that the role library play in our society is intact as it continues to spead knowledge and provide space to perform cultural gathering.
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