Some people believe that teaching children at home is best for a child’s development while others think that it is important for children to go to school. Discuss the advantages of both methods and give your own opinion.

While certain people in society assume that admitting children in school is essential, others prefer homeschooling for their children’s success. I completely agree with the parents who vote for in-school education. Undoubtedly, school plays a vital role in the student’s achievements. If pupils attend school, they get the chance to meet up with their schoolmates regularly. As a result, they improve their soft skills alongside grades, which greatly helps them to be very confident at all times by giving no chance to inferiority complex issues. Students interact with teachers quite often during one on one feedback sessions in school, hence they receive either an appreciation for extraordinary performance or valuable suggestions to avoid mistakes, which motivates them to be fascinated about success throughout their life. To illustrate this, the topper of civils entrance examination in 2019 revealed that, her in-class studies during childhood helped ultimately to succeed in the final interview without any hesitation. Homeschooling has its own advantages, firstly, it helps to grow a strong bond between child and parents. Secondly, it helps to recognize the child’s passion apart from education at an early age. Nowadays, parents believe that encouraging child in the field of their interest such as sports, drawing, and music is equally important as studies. Here, children have chance to spend their entire time to share their interests with their parents, which eventually makes their bond even stronger. For instance, Sachin, the icon of Indian cricket who reached several milestones, finished his schooling at home itself and that helped their parents to recognize his passion towards gentleman’s game, cricket. Surprisingly, he still lives with their parents in his 50’s as he shares a powerful emotional bond with them. To conclude, both kinds of schooling approaches have their own advantages, however, I strongly believe that admitting children in school contributes more towards students personal and professional success now and later in the future.
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