Scientists believe that computers will become more intelligent than human beings. Some people find it a positive development while others think it is negative development. Discuss both points and give your own opinion.

Researchers are working day and night to develop new technologies, due to this concept of Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly popular. Some people accept it as a blessing while others are taking it as a curse. In this essay, I shall discuss both positive and negative sides and finally give my opinion. On the upside, main reasons behind its extreme usage are reduced time, cost and increased efficiency. Computers can do multiple tasks easily with more accurately and that too with less time and premium quality. For instance, robots can produce identical units in a very short time as compared to a human. Additionally, chances of rejections due to quality control are also rare against man-made things. Furthermore, employees can spend their saved precious time with family and for leisure. On the downside, due to increased usage of computers, the demand for laborers has been reduced dramatically which tends to increase unemployment. For example, due to technological advancement in the year 2005, many employees were removed from their jobs which raised the unemployment rate by 15%. Another major drawback is people getting stuck behind computers due to which the rate of computer fatigue is increased. However, there are numerous ways to reduce negative impacts. It is irrefutable that advantages of computers outweigh its disadvantages. They are invented by human and also requires human interaction to complete any task. People have emotions, they can motivate, inspire and give directions which computers can’t. Additionally, they can’t stimulate. Therefore, computers can never replace the human being. In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that there are infinite merits of computer technology against a few demerits
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