The dangers of smoking are well know, yet many people continue this habit. what are the causes of this? how can we reduce smoking in society?

One of the increasing health hazards is cancer, the most common type of cancer is lung cancer which is caused due to smoking. Smoking can kill them if they exceed the limit of intake. The consequences are well known yet, they continue to this habit. The main causes of smoking is stress that is caused in the workplace and also the feeling that they achieve while smoking. This can be rectified by making changes in their lifestyle and prepare them mentally. A large number of people smoke because of the stress due to their job. Smoking is their way of handling work pressure. This could help them in relaxing their mind and keeps them in peace until they resume theirwork. On the other hand, youngsters smoke drugs because of the thrill and feeling they attain while inhaling the smoke. The state of feeling is what that is causing to addiction. It all starts initially as a fun but later turns into addiction. A certain type of hormone is released during smoking which helps in keeping the person calm and relaxed. Every problem has a solution. Smoking habits can be reduced by indulging healthy lifestyle. A study shows that the same hormone that is released during smoking is also released while excersing. People with stressful job should join gym and practice daily excercise routine to keep them away from stress. This method helps in making them physically fit aswell. Yoga and meditation are most solution for stress handling, people should allow themself to practice meditation in their day to day life which makes them mentally strong. This gives them the confidence to face their problems without worrying about them. Hence, changing smaller things in their lifestyle can bring enormous change in the long run. To conclude, there are so many causes that can led to smoking but on the same note there are alternate solutions to the cause. Smoking isnt the only solution to those problems. Change in one person can gradually create an impact in the society.
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