New neighbours have recently moved in, but they are making a lot of noise at night while you are preparing for your exams. Write a letter to your neighbours. In your letter: explain that they are preventing you from studying well suggest what they can do to improve the situation tell them when you will have completed your studies

Dear Sir, Unfortunately, I never found time to introduce myself since you have moved in as I have been busy preparing for my university exams. Anyway, I live in the flat directly behind yours and we share a common wall. Over
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the last
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I am being disturbed during the course of my studies due to loud music
that is
being played in your flat quite late at night. Honestly speaking
is hampering my concentration and I am unable to study. Can I request you to please turn down the volume or if you could refrain from playing the music after about 10pm? My exams will be finished on
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the 29th
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month and I would certainly not mind a slightly louder volume after that date. I hope you don’t mind my asking
of you, and please accept my apologies for any inconvenience being caused. I look forward to meeting you
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once I am done with my exams. Regards, Cyril
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