The use of recreational drugs is on the increase, especially among young people. Describe the reasons for this worrying issue and provide suggestions to minimize it.

Substance abuse is a serious problem that affects modern society. It is a growing situation that can be present in every social status, and does not discriminate by gender, ethnicity or age. Nowadays, this issue is especially attached to teenagers and young adults. Some measures to prevent its consumption and its consequences have been taken by authorities, but the problem is still present, and if not taken seriously, it can keep affecting more people around the world. One of the reasons for this situation to be present in society in recent times is that the government has not made enough efforts to eliminate drug dealers from public spaces near schools. For example, most of the teenagers who consume these type of products find it sold by dealers in places such as parks or malls. A good measure to prevent this is by increasing the number of police agents who work in public spaces. A second cause for this problem to happen, is that modern parents are not as involved as before in their children's activities, and sometimes they don't even know who their kids are friends with. A possible solution for this situation, is to encourage parents to spend more time with their offspring, and to be informed about who their friends are, or if they are having problems at school. The last reason I can think about for this issue to still happen nowadays is that schools do not provide sufficient information to students about drug abuse. An excellent method to overcome this lack of knowledge would be to create special meetings for parents and students, to let them know about the main features of drug intake. and the consequences this practice can carry to their health. To sum up, illegal substance consumption is a growing situation around the world, most of all among younger generations. There are several causes for this to happen, and authorities and society should work together to fight it, and to educate teenagers and young adults about this issue, and help them to avoid experimenting its effects in the near future.
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