Some companies sponsor sports as a way to advertise themselves. Some people think it is good, while others think there are disadvantages to this. Discuss both sides and give your opinion

These days, many multinational organizations- in order to advertise their products- have started sponsoring various professional athletes and sports teams. Some people argue
intervention of private firms in the form of a
will affect sports and may even politicize it. Others do not agree with
essay will illustrate both of the arguments and my personal opinion. On one hand, it is thought that sponsors are necessary for sports boards and authorities in order to improve their infrastructure. These days, various private organizations are injecting a considerable amount of money into sports, which,
as a result
, is improving the existing facilities and encouraging youngsters to turn to sports.
For instance
, Indian
, which is now being ranked as the number one
in the world, owe their success to private
leagues which could only be organized with the help of multinational sponsors. They opine that sponsors have helped their
board generate revenue which is being spent on enhancing cricketing facilities in terms of building new stadiums and giving
players decent wages.
On the other hand
, detractors put forward the argument that allowing multinational firms to
sports will increase their influence due to which management of sports teams would have to capitulate to their undue demands as well.
For instance
, MRF, a major
of ICC
Accept space
council), using their financial influence, has forced
the ICC
to change the venue of the world cup 2007 which was to be organized in Pakistan but owing to their personal disputes with the government of Pakistan, ICC had to shift the venue.
, few spectators turned up on
the grounds
to see these matches which had resulted in a significant loss in revenue. Another worrisome aspect of having sponsors in sports is their effect on the performance of an individual player who would be lured towards money and take interest in unnecessary activities
as participating in fashion shows organized by sponsors.
As a result
, these players may lose their interest in sports which could ruin their career. In conclusion,
many would argue that having a
in a sports
could help them financially as well as improving sporting infrastructure which would encourage people to engage in sports activities.
, I believe that allowing these multinational firms to be the
of a professional sports
would create their influence in several decision-making policies and could potentially affect the performance of an individual player as well.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • Sports sponsorship
  • financial support
  • athletes
  • brand visibility
  • awareness
  • commercialization
  • integrity
  • dependencies
  • corporate funds
  • unethical practices
  • strategic partnerships
  • communal relations
  • promote healthy lifestyles
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