It is believed by some that people should take a yearly driving test in order to ensure safety on the roads, while others do not agree. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

In recent times it has been seen that road accidents are surging day by day. It is considered by many that evaluation of one's driving skills should be done by taking driving test yearly. which in result will ensure safety on roads. However, others think that it is not required. In my opinion, Driving test evaluation is not required as it is already done when a person received the license. Firstly, if these tests started then It will make the situation worse. As we know that in present scenario, for getting their license, people have to stand in long queues and wait for many days to finally have their licence.If this evaluation starts then these offices will be more crowded than ususal and people might face additional problems.Secondly, Driving is a skill, If once owned by someone then its with them for lifetime. So, they need not to take test again to show that they know how to drive. For example, a recent survey by traffic police showed that the people with licences drive more carelessly in comparison of the people without having all required documents. In addition to that, instead of taking these driving tests again to ensure safetly, people should be taught basic rules and regulations to drive on highways. If they are aware of simple guidelines like when to overtake and when not and educating them about sign boards might lower the risk of accidents. Hoardings should be there to keep them reminding of their family at home waiting for them. For instance, a study revealed that such teachings and campeigns has reduced the rate of mishappenigs to 20%. To conclude, individuals should be taught about traffic sign boards and guidelines to drive safely on road instead of taking driving test again and again.
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