Formal examinations are the only effective way to assess a student's performance. Continual assessment such as course work and projects is not a satisfactory way to do this. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Education is the rudimentary rights of students. In the past, formal examinations are the only way that shows the position of students in their education. Over recent years, there has been a tremendous change in the syllabus to analyse students educational scenario. Some people are not agree with these kind change like coursework and Project. They think that it is not a satisfactory way to analyse education. I am disagree with the Statement. This essay will discuss both views in a Positive way. Formal examinations are conducted in school to assess student's performance. Through this exams, we can calculate a student's knowledge through a wiritten test. In the past, these form of exams are the only way to assess a student's knowledge in a subject. Formal examinations are the effective way to find how alert a student in class or a student's interest in various subjects. For example, a student who is an expert in Mathematics and interested in numbers get high martes in their exam.On the other hand, the same student got a low marks in his Science exams because not only he is not interested in that subiect but also he got a favourable mark according to his hard work .In this way, we can find out a student interest and that may increases competition to get high marks in all subjects. Similarly continual assessment such as coursework and Project improves a student’s educational quality. Nowadays education department implemented new syllabus that improve a student’s knowledge as well as practical capabilities too . Most of them Consider this is a positive assessment and in this way students can develop their cognitive skills .A case in point is that, Continual assessment includes , Project assignments, seminars, workshops, and also debates. In order to get high grade , students needed to collect more informations which improve their knowledge. while the students deals with these kinds of activities that helps to improve communication Skills, language quality ,Pradical experience. To sum up, both assessments are useful for a student's career and these assessments improve their grasping capacity. The fact is that , not only continual assessment but also with Formal examination will helps to create a good future in the life of a student. So many of the countries, these methods of evaluations are adapted.
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