Smacking children is the best form of discipline. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

children need to get educated about manners and behaviors from an early age. Some people believe that physical punishment is an effective way of teaching discipline. However, this essay will argue that punishing children physically does not help in developing good behavior in them. On the one hand, Some people think that by corporal punishment one can develop a good sense of discipline in children. There are some reasons why they believe it. By punishing children physically, parents can instill fear in them. This fear can avoid children from doing that mistake again. For example, a parent spanks a child when it runs towards a busy street. This makes the child remember not to repeat that mistake again. Parents choose this type of punishment to achieve fast results. However, they do not think of long term consequences. On the other hand, Punishing children physically will have a lot of long term effects both physically and mentally. There are many instances where children end up physically abused in the name of discipline. Inflicting pain can cause depression and other mental illnesses in children. For example, A research study from Arlington university shows that 45% of mental illness in children is the direct result of excessive physical punishment. Therefore, any sort of punishment like smacking, spanking or slapping can cause serious issues in children. In conclusion, even though many people think that punishing children will make them more disciplined, this essay argued that it will not be the best solution as it will have a detrimental effect on children. In my opinion, rather than corporal punishment, it is good to explain children the effects of their behavior and create awareness in them.
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