The overuse of natural resources cause an ultimate exhaust of them. People have been using them to be in swim of new styles such as making new furniture of recent design. This causes a huge harm to the environment. Therefore, the government should discourage people the overuse of this resources. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

Recently, many people are overusing natural resources which is causing exhaustion of those resources. While some people use them in swim of new styles such as creating new furniture, others think that such actions bring harm to environment. In my opinion, I agree with latter view and think that government should discourage the use of such resources. First of all, discouraging the use of natural reserves helps to preserve them because if they are used in very low amount, their numbers start to increase. For example, if the government bans the use of natural resources such as wood then the amount of trees in jungle is less likely to decrease. Also, the environment around residential area might get better over-time. This is because high number of trees leads to less carbon dioxide, which in turns reduces pollution and global warming. Moreover, birds and animals are also protected with the protection of earthy resources. In other words, many wild life are often found in forest where they depend on it and live their whole lives. To illustrate, birds need trees to create their nest while animals like deer lives on woods and depend on nature for food. Furthermore, resources such as trees occasionally save use from natural disaster because their roots prevent landslide and soil-erosion by holding high amount of soil underneath them. To sum up, there are several advantages of natural resources like controlling pollution and preserving wildlife. Hence, government must stop the overuse of this resources in creating different unnecessary materials.
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