The world of work is changing rapidly. Working conditions today are not the same as before and people no longer rely on taking one job for life. Describe the possible causes and give suggestion on how people should prepare for work in the future.

Over the decades, globalization has changed the working lifestyle drastically. As a result, majority of people are taking up more than one career causing their life more bustling than ever. There are a few possible factors that lead to their present state and a feasible solution will help to overcome this issue. First of all, the living standards in the country has rise tremendously incurring the increase of the living expenses as well. As a result, one could not support themselves with only one income, thus, forcing themselves to find other occupation vacancies that is available. Furthermore, the minimum wage that they obtained is way lower when compared with the minimum rate of the living expenses. For example, economists currently found out that the minimum salary that a person receives is impossible to able to survive out there with just only one career. Therefore, a few measures needed to be taken in order to solve this ever-growing problem. Firstly, the government should standardize the rate of minimum wage in every company so that it is possible from them to manage it. For instance, Malaysia government has increased the minimum income for the fresh graduate up to RM 2600 so that they are able to live comfortably. Moreover, the university or school should require creating money management course to ensure the students able to learn to make budgets within their income and at the same time, saving some cash for rainy days. In turn, workers do not have to work for double income as they knew how to control their expenses. To conclude, increasing rate of the expenses and low income has led to this situation. Luckily, with the aid from the government and some financial management skills, hectic working life will be a thing in the past.
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