Some people think residents should keep their streets clean and tidy while others say it is government’s responsibility. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Some are of the view that the residents should maintain the tidiness and sanitation of the streets, whilst others say that it is sole responsibility of government. This essay believes that although the residents pay the taxes for maintaining the orderliness and cleaning of the streets, however, the residents must hold the responsibility for maintaining the cleanliness as they can identify the sources of contaminants and wastes easily due to their longer presence in the area compared to government appointed housekeepers. Residents are bound to pay various taxes, levied by the government on account of providing various services, which also includes the tax for maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation in the surrounding of residential areas. The money collected in the form of tax, from residents, is utilized for hiring third party housekeeping services, which is given the responsibility to maintain the cleaning of residential areas. A recent survey suggests, in developed countries civilians pay about 3% of the total income in the form of tax for cleaning and sanitation. Residents and occupants, who have a longer presence in the areas, stand responsible to maintain the cleanliness in the surroundings. Because of their longer presence they can gauge for the sources of contamination and the wastages, be it people from next house or someone from another street, and this can be informed to the concerned contractor or the housekeeper, responsible for maintaining the cleaning. So that necessary action can be taken for eliminating the source of waste and contamination. According to The Earth, a television channel, in societies, where people own the responsibility to maintain the surroundings clean are found much cleaner, compare to those dependent on the government bodies for cleaning. To conclude, in my opinion, though the civilians pay a hefty tax to the government for keeping the surroundings well cleaned, the locals should own the responsibility for better control over the contaminants and wastes.
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