Some people believe that children are given too much free time. They feel that this time should be used to do more school work. To what extent do you agree to that? How do you think children should spend their free time? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Childhood is a crucial period of one’s life. However, nowadays a major fragment of a student’s routine is spent in school doing school work. Some people are of the opinion that children have too much free time and this should be utilised in doing school work only, to which I have dissenting views. First of all, children spend approximately 8 hours of a day in the school; therefore, it is necessary for them to spend some time in leisure activities in order to refresh their overburdened minds. Moreover, engaging in school work only and not participating in any extracurricular activity will make their life dull and monotonous. In addition to this, problems of obesity and certain kind of diseases may arise because of sedentary lifestyle among pupils. For instance, a recent study has shown that children who are indulged in physical activities are more focused and perform exceptionally well in their studies as well. In my opinion, school going children must be encouraged to play games such as football or handball which will not only increase their fitness level but also develop many other qualities helping them in their holistic growth. Further, they must be emboldened to start a hobby such as reading comics, gardening or even painting, which will enhance creativity and it can be even chosen as carrier prospect in the later part of their life. To recapitulate, albeit it is necessary for the young learners to engage in academics, it may have negative aspects as well and students must be motivated to spend time in fun activities which will have positive impacts on their lives.
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