doctors in many countries say that poeple do not do enough physical excercise. What are the causes of this trend. How can this situation be improved?

Physical inactivity is becoming a pandemic problem and health physicians in many countries are saying that people do not get adequate excercise. This can be attributed to nature of work, urbanization and lack of fitness centers. The situation can be improved in a plethora of ways. To begin with, sedentary lifestyle can be due to working environment and the nature of work. For instance, a person working 18-24hours shift everyday for the whole year seldom make out time to do aerobics because the job cannot allow it. Furthermore, urbanization can destroy most of the natural arenas or packs that poeple use for jogging, running and hence retard them from taking part in excercise. In addition, lack of fitness centers in many part of the world has contributed in poeple's non challant attitudes towards keeping fit. Hence this lack of physical activity can lead to fat accumulation which can Inturn trigger obesity with its numerous health and cardiovascular problems. There are many things that can be done to remedy the situation. Firstly, creating awareness programs that educate the public about consequences of inactivity and ways to improve them. Secondly, the individual taking care of his own self by making out time despite the busy schedule to work out even at least two times in a week because it will go a long way to improve the body. Thirdly, government should take part in funding and creating fitness centers such as stadiums or parks where people can come to jog, run, skate, play football and other activities that can help keep fit. Lastly , the health practitioners should make out time to educate and advise their patients about the need to exercise the body. To conclude, the rate of people living a sedentary lifestyle is quite alarming. Both the government and the individual can play a role to ensure a healthy living and avert the detrimental effects that lack of excercise can cause
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