There is an increase in noise in our daily lives nowadays. Why is this a problem? What can be done to reduce it?

In recent times, the level of noise, which is referred to as an unpleasant sound, has significantly increased in our day-to-day activities. This has become an issue of concern because of the health challenges is prose to people, however, it can be minimized by government policies. It is an undeniable fact that uncontrollable sound affects the well-being of individuals. People who are exposed to noise for long hours tend to experience difficulties in hearing and could sometime become a victim of depression if not addressed immediately. For instance, a recent study conducted in the UK, in which they looked at the possible issues associated with a long stay in a noisy environment, found that a reasonable number could not hear effectively. Thus, it is apparent why noise is considered a main concern. Although noise cannot be completely curbed, it can be reduced by government policies on setting noise limits. Lawmakers should enforce all industries and individuals to install electronic circuit that cuts off all noise peaks that are stronger than some specific maximum for the desired input signal, thus limiting atmospheric inference and their its possible harm. The US government, for example, made it mandatory that any establishment who excess the noise average volume should be reported and prosecuted, as a result, they have successfully manage the level of sound in their daily lives. In summary, a high level of noise is now seen as parts of our daily lifestyle. While this has an adverse effect on people's well-being, policies from government on sound limit can be used to reduced noise.
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