Multicultural societies in which there are a mixture of ethnic people bring more benefits than drawbacks to a country. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Migration of people to various part of the world is becoming increasingly popular. Consequently, people end up settling in communities where they share different cultural background. Many believe there are more advantages of inhabiting in such a multicultural community than the potential setbacks that may arise. I completely agree with this view. This is because the problem that may emerge can be overcome and cultural mix leads societal development. The fear of losing cultural heritage is one major issue that makes individuals believe that mixing with other people with different ethnicity may be a drawback for them. They think new immigrant may not respect their culture and this could lead to clashes between them. However, they are unaware that these issues have solutions. The local government or community members can organise induction programs to keep the new comers informed on the land's cultural beliefs. Pamphlets can also be distributed to each immigrant telling them about the cultures of their new society. This way people will learn and respect the culture thereby avoiding unnecessary conflict. In Africa for instance, describing a lady as fat is not conceived as being disrespectful unlike in places in the Europe where it is not tolerated. if one is aware of this one may avoid such words in an environment like that. And this will prevent any misunderstanding that may arise. Having a clear understanding of both cultures makes it easier for people to become accommodating, but could this be the benefits? No. When people with different background live together they share knowledge and skills from the various culture. This produces new techniques employed in carrying out some specific processes such as building constructions. In addition, it also improves the lifestyle of the community and this generally results in community development. For example, people from eastern part of Nigeria are generally good entrepreneurs and their migration to places like Lagos has made the state one of the biggest commercial cities of Africa. Indigenes have also been able to learn these skills, and this has resulted in an enormous growth in the state’s income. In summary, there are more merit to having a multicultural society if people know how to deal with the issues that may arise. New skills acquisition and community growth are the major advantages when we embrace people with different ethnic background.
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