Many doctors in several countries believe people are not getting regular exercise. What are the causes, what can be done about it?

Sedentary lifestyle has been the order of the day recently, which has become a concern to medical doctors around the world . This essay will discuss contributing factors and suggest solutions to the problem. Improvement in technology has brought a lot of advancements that make things done with the aids of electric or automatic means. Unlike in the past when humans do virtually all things manually. Nowadays, people drive cars to and fro their places of work instead of trecking. For example, in Africa, people manually pound yam to eat, unlike now that we have some electronic gadgets which can make it within few minutes with less stress. In addition, people are actually ignorant of the health risk associated with not being physically fit. Also, some wealthy people lack orientation so they believe it is a sign of good living when they have people to send on errant while they sit down in a place. However, there are ways in which this increasing trend can be addressed. Firstly, there should be enlightenment for people to know the importance of keeping their body exercised, so also with the health problems associated with lack of physical activities like, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity to mention but a few which have been the leading causes of dead worldwide. There should be recreational centers with facilities for people to have regular access to exercise at least once a week. Early morning jogging should be encouraged as well. In summary, advancement in technology has rendered many people physically inactive nowadays which is medically unwise. However, people should get orientation on the benefits of exercise and risk of absence of it.
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