Every country should have a free health service, even if this means that the latest medical treatments may not be available through the service because they are too expensive. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Apart from food and water, health care needs are fundamental to human survival. For this, many people are proposing for countries to provide these services free to their citizens even if the expensive ones such as the newer therapeutic options are not included. I completely agree with this viewpoint. To begin, if these medical services are made free to everyone it will strengthen the nations Human Resources. In other words, providing the medical treatment to people with no financial charge will increase patronage and reduce mortality rate , hence, ensuring that countries have healthy manpower. Again, this will ensure that quality medication is delivered, as there will be less fake drugs from illegal drug producing companies. For instance, in the US, the producers of imitations of antenatal medications stopped their production when the government made antenatal care free for women. In addition, the idea of free hospital services will also ensure that universal health care coverage is achieved. It implies that both the rich and the poor will have equal access to medical services. Take for example, in Australia, every resident irrespective of social status assess health services in the same place without charge. Other advantages it have include the reduction in medical tourism among the wealthy and will also discourage the use of harmful herbal medications that were patronized because while orthodox medicines were unaffordable. In summary, this essay discussed, and I agree completely, that countries providing medical services free to its citizens will not only strengthen their workforce but also ensure that universal health coverage is achieved and maintained.
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