Violence in the media promotes violent activities? To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is important to consider how violence influences people, and what its root causes are? While some people contend that one of the major reason of violence is media, other deem that it is trifial. I tend to partially agree with the statement, and in this essay, I will support my views with examples. To begin, medias may promote violence in the community, for it often engenders violent content, and this may subconsiously inflict individuals. This is because people may imitate dreadful behaviors learnt through medias; also, they might copy the know-how of crimes. For example, a person, who goes through violent contents regularly, is likable to commite misdeeds than one who doesnot. However, if medias do not bombard violent news, people will not be pschologically craved to involve in one. This happens because people may not be aware about crime unless medias promote violent conducts. Nonetheless, medias are not the only one to blame. To clarity, it may have something to do with the upbringing; for example, a person, who is exposed to the hard-up childhood, is likely to involve in the criminal intent. In addition, some may have an innate violent nature. For instance, some notorious leaders like hitler, as said by some scholars, had inborn mental defects, so they were violent. Besides that, medias also promote benefitial programs, therefore, we should not always blame medias for chronic crimial conducts. In conclusion, although medias promote violence, for it influences people subconsiously and they may imitate harmful activities, we must take into consideration the upbringings and innate character. Thus, I partially agree with the arguments.
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