Additional economic wealth happiness in rich countries. Do you agree or disagree?

Some people think that the growth of economy is likely to be a key role regarding the achievement of happy values, especially in developed countries. Meanwhile, I do believe that valuable economic is merely a part of satisfaction. It becomes apparent that the more prosperous each country builds, the more democracy each citizen enjoys. Rich countries which are unlikely to appear more dangerous criminals like murder and robbery bring the safe and higher quality life. It is no doubt that so terribly does lack of money cause that all residents concrete to earn much salaries with different methods as well as feeling nervous to carefully keep own properties. Some developed countries, especially those which are well-known as modern civilized areas, may have plenty of laughs and a long-time life. Consequently, its rich economy involves to joyful sentiment in a countries in general. On the one hand, it is true that there were a dose of factors affecting to the peacefulness and happiness of individual person such as friend and family. In fact, people do earn a love from parents, which is the carefulness without strings attached. It can be seen obviously that unconditional love is like a muscle, it needs a daily workout in spite of either less or more cash all around the world. Vietnam, for instance, can be seen as developing country that the percentage of happiness is the same as happy as the proportion of richer countries. In conclusion, generally economy development sees a tool to create the enjoyment in each wealth country. However, it is evident that there was a variety of sectors to boost the peacefulness and blessedness.
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