In some countries, increasing number of people are suffering from health problems as a result of eating too much fast foods. Therefore, government should impose higher taxes in this kind of food. Do you agree/ disagree.

Due to urbanization and exposure to the multiple cuisines, people are inclining more towards the junk food which is prone to numerous health ailments. Some people are of the opinion that as these foods is unhealthy, government should also impose strict taxes against them. I accord with this statement. There are umpteen factors why individuals should not consume fast foods. First and foremost reason is that these foods have a high amount of toxic ingredients like Monosodium glutamate, palm oil, which makes these foods feel good at tongue, so people consume high amounts of these foods which results in genetic disorders in children. For instance, reports have shown Maggi contains more than triple amounts of allowed lead and children love eating Maggi on daily basis which results in multiple disorders in them in later stages. Another reason is that high consumption of fast foods leads to obesity and as we all know obese people suffer from heart, liver and kidney disorders like cardiac arrest, kidney stones, liver failure etc. For example, In America, a plethora of people is suffering from obesity and heart diseases and the reason is excessive consumption of fast-food in their daily routine. However, fast foods are dangerous, green vegetables are not safe either. Due to the excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers while growing crops, people who consume fruits and green vegetables also suffer from health problems. For example, In India, myriad individuals are suffering from genetic disorders as farmers use pesticides and fertilizers in their fields and sometimes they inject artificial colors in fruits to grow them quickly. To encapsulate, although the enormous intake of fast-food is dangerous and there should be strict measures to restrict their consumption, government first make sure that the other means of food like green vegetables and fruits are also safe to consume.
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