Having more money and less free time is better than earning less money and having more free time. Discuss both views and state your opinion?

The majority of people think that having abundant money and less free time is the best way to spend life. However, some think that, earning enough money and investing more time for life is another way of living leisure life. In my opinion, both points have their own positive as well as negative aspects, but spending more quality spells with enough money is always better in order to find satisfaction in life. To begin with, money in the form of the cash or property balances the lives in every way. Life will be more stress-free if we have a huge amount of cash to buy anything we want or just simply spend on normal things such as clothes, shoes, designer jewelry etc. However, on the other side of the coin, we should accept that there will be less time for family and friends, which is sometimes critical to handle when it comes to the personal relations or family level. This statement can be understood clearly by this example, according to a survey reported in the Times journal about the rich people’s life and its state, that 37% of rich families have poor family relations due to less leisure time with their loved one. Nevertheless, the people who really love to give their maximum time in order to enjoy their relations with less income result in satisfying life too. But, sometimes or most of the times they have to compromise their life in term of shopping, luxurious things, home, cars, bikes and clothes etc. Let’s review an example, the television and media company Sony interviewed around 500 middle-class families in their show named leisure. They have been asked several questions about money-life and satisfaction index, and then they came to conclude that, the people were so happy with enough money and they really do enjoy their relations and family time. In conclusion, money cannot buy happiness and healthy relations which clearly expounds that, earning lower income and enjoying more time with loved ones are always better than the more money and less free time.
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