There is a big influence of peer group on children's behaviour. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? What can be done about it?

Indeed young ones get easily affected by behavioural traits. It is seen that peer groups put a tremendous impact on behaviour. Admittedly, there are some basic disadvantages of the influence of peer groups on children's behaviour. Firstly, adolescents have good catching power, so they easily catch the things which are not good for them because those are interesting as well as easy to do, along with it fascinated them much. Nowadays, it is seen that youngsters are habitual to intake drugs, as a result, they risk their health. Furthermore, along with it increases the crime rate because children used to do crime to have drugs and to meet their standards. They don't think what would be the effect of it in the nearby future as they are not able to control their self after getting into it. Nevertheless, despite the disadvantages above, I believe this could be more advantageous for the children. One potentially positive, aspect is that this could enhance the power of the competition, through this they would do immensely better in academics. To put in another way, betterment in their future life ought to be expected as they do good in the prior stage. Moreover, the adoption of good habits and learning new skills will also be added in it. A great impact on their personality can easily be seen. For instance, if there are two friends, one is a spritual, obedient, hard worker and punctual than these good habits of one's must insist the other one to adopt it. So, a positive peer group motivates a child to do better further. In conclusion, embrace good manner as well as to be competitive in a good way far outweigh any of the minor benefits that could result from children involved in with peer group in a negative way.
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