Some people believe that residents are responsible for the place where they live to be clean and tidy. Others believes that government is responsible for it. Discuss both view and give your opinion.

Recently, there are campaigns from the non-profit organization placing emphasis about the cleanliness of the neighborhood and apartments. It is believed that the house owners should manage their place in a conducive state. However, some refute to that notion and stated that the government should be the one plays the part to the sanitation of surrounding neighborhood. In my opinion, the cleanness of the place completely depends on the resident as the government could not always monitor the place. In this essay, both of these notions will be discussed. Firstly, the responsibility of keeping the surrounding of the neighborhood neat and tidy is dependent on how the owner takes care of it. This is because, they are the ones who spends most their time at their house and therefore they knew more of the do’s and don’ts of their surroundings. Besides that, ensuring the place will definitely keep out of the harmful infection such as dengue and leptospirosis as there is a saying ‘prevention is better than cure’. Imagine if the place is filthy, the number of vectors will increase, spreading the disease throughout the people who resides there. On the other hand, the government also plays a crucial part in keeping the cleanliness of the place. Law enforcement should be placed for those violated the hygienic of the surrounding by throwing the trash in the restricted place. Therefore, whoever disregards the rules will be penalized or put into jail. For example, the landowner will be fined RM2000 and doing social service if their place is unsanitary and contains Aedes mosquito larvae. This action should be done as some of the residents are too stubborn and tend to neglect their responsibility. In conclusion, in my view, the residents should be the one held huge role in ensuring the hygienic of the environment, but the government should assist the landowner as well in keeping the neighborhood a cleaner place.
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