Some people think governments are responsible for peoples health, others believe its an indiviuduals responsibility. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Healthcare remains a very crucial part of out basic amenities. The topic of whether or not people or the government should be held accountable for issues
be relevant to
,  remains very controversial. In my opinion, the government should be solely in charge of the
of its citizens at all times.     On one hand,
care as well as the funding for the research into cures and vaccines are expensive. Private firms and singular entities cannot bear the burden alone.
, the cost of hospital admissions, investigations and medications would cripple the finances of the individual without
the organization that is the governing authority of a political unit
aid and policies. All fingers are not equal,
, the government plays a huge role by providing subsidized care to patients in its publicly funded facilities. People cannot afford to pay for most of the services because of financial constraints. 
For example
, data from a survey carried out by the World
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in Nigeria
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in 2013, revealed that many Nigerians depend entirely on the presidency to access excellent medical care.     
On the other hand
, people are the masters of their bodies. Most diseases in the world today are preventable,
that is
, they are mostly caused by poor lifestyle choices. Individuals should inculcate the habit of proper diet, exercise and regular medical checkups to keep fit and
  to detect illnesses in the early stages.
For instance
, research has shown that exercising at least 30 times daily, three times a week has tremendous
benefits.    In conclusion, while some are of the opinion that governments should be responsible for
, others are of the school of thought that it rests on the individual. I believe that it is the  responsibility of the state to cater for the
of all its nationals.
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