In many countries, a small number of people earn extremely high salaries. Some people believe that this is good for the country, but others think that governments should not allow salaries above a certain level. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

In many nations, both developed and developing countries, a small percentage of the population earn an extremely large amount of money. While some people believe that a very high salary is a benefit for the community, others suggest a limit should be set by the government. In the following essay, I will consider both sides of
issue and
give my opinion. Those in favour of keeping high
salary argue
salary, arguing
salary arguing
that high earning generate employment.
For instance
, luxury hotel and luxury goods could not survive in a world with extremely high salary are forbidden and these hotels and goods create a great deal of employment in the society.
, the prospect of
pay pushes people to work hard. Without
incentive they may become lazy and unmotivated.
, the opposing view is not without its merits. Much current research indicates that societies in which wealth is fairly equally divided have better health and education
in addition
to a greater sense of well-being.
For example
, it has been demonstrated that many cardiovascular accidents in the Unity States of America in 2018 could have been prevented with a better distribution of the economic resources. It can
be argued that people with extraordinary amounts of remuneration may fail to use it wisely, which is a great concern for the society. For these reasons they maintain that government should put a limit on salaries. To conclude, both sides seem to have some sound arguments.
, I am of the opinion that the government should not limit high salaries as doing so would lead to less employment and a lower work ethic.
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