It is inevitable that traditional cultures will be lost as technology develops.  Technology and tradition are incompatible. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

    Tradition is a crucial part of the social sphere of mankind, as different cultures pride themselves in a variety of attributes. Some are of the school of thought that traditional values will become obsolete because of modernization, and are
incompatible. I completely disagree with the notion that our traditional ways of life and beliefs cannot coexist with traditional cultures.     
To begin
with, our heritages remain a vital part of our existence and technological advancements has afforded us the opportunity to preserve and appreciate our different cultures.
, it has been used recently to discover long lost treasures, scripts, as well as
a man-made object taken as a whole
In addition
, it has even shed  light on problems that can lead to the eradication of certain parts of our heritage. People can save materials pertaining to their
an ethnic quality or affiliation resulting from racial or cultural ties
on the internet  where they can be stored forever.
For instance
, during an archaeological discovery in the Amazon jungle, in 2015,
was used to decipher and translate some ancient texts, which led us to understand that the long lost ways of food
the activity of protecting something from loss or danger
was what their ancestors used to eradicate some illnesses.    
, with the world becoming a global village, a lot of interracial marriages are occurring. More and more ethnicities and cultures are mixing up. The advent of
has made it possible for individuals to stay in touch with their traditional rites from anywhere in the diaspora.
, there has been an increase in the bridging of the knowledge gap that separates us, due to the fact that science and
has made belief systems more comprehensible.
For example
, I for one, have been able to perform and partake in some cultural rites via social media platforms, over the years, as I have not been to my
native land
in over five years.      In conclusion, some people still believe that our traditions and
cannot exist in the same world. I completely disagree with the thought process that cultural values
in order to; used instead of "to", especially after try, come, go
do not mix, because
has invariably saved
invariably saves
many cultures from extinction and made us more tolerable of ourselves.
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