Some people think that team sports prepare children for work life but others think individual sports are better. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Playing sports in teams
is considered
are considered
by many to be efficient to get children ready for
corporate world
the corporate world
, while others disagree.
individual disciplines develop important personal qualities in youth, in my opinion,
games refine their social skills which are crucial in
work environment
the work environment
a work environment
. On the one hand, some people think that to compete as individual as well as to be a professional at
a person needs to be self-reliant and have a deep understanding of own abilities.
In other words
athletes are focused on themselves so they do not need to cooperate with others.
For instance
, being injured during the display, a gymnast cannot rely on a substitute,
, they may, using other strengths, modify the exercise making it safe and still spectacular.
, in my view, these are not ample qualities to thrive at
On the other hand
, it is often believed that
sports teach children communication skills and how to
effectively with others, and I agree. What is the most crucial in collaboration with subordinates, colleagues and management is the ability to accept people with different views and to come to an agreement. To illustrate, whatever independent or self-aware an expert is, he or she might not be able to negotiate with partners or clients which would
in company loosing profit.
, in its turn, becomes the reason why a person will not be promoted. In conclusion, people have opposite views
on whether
on whether a team
or individual sports prepare youngsters for
atmosphere better. In my view, I am deeply convinced that strong social skills nurtured in
games are essential for making a successful career.
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