Many young children have unsupervised access to the internet and are using the internet to socialize with others. This can lead to a number of dangerous situations which can be threatening for children. What problems do children face when going online without parental supervision? How can these problems be solved?

In the 21st century, technology has grown manifold, resulting in easy and cheap availability of
the internet
to all, particularly children. Here, they browse all kinds of websites and interact with strangers, which can lead to disastrous consequences.
essay will discuss the risks of children accessing the
unsupervised, and
provide solutions to prevent serious complications. Nowadays, cyber crimes are extremely prevalent. Children, being soft targets, are influenced via online chats, and are
kidnapped or even killed. Here, they learn violence, and sometimes, are radicalised to join militant organisations. To cite an example, many young children were systematically brainwashed to commit suicide via the online game, Blue Whale.
, it is well known that,
the internet
is not a safe place for children, especially without the guidance of an adult. These problems,
, are largely preventable. Children should be given a device that has access to only educational or recreational websites, with little scope for social interaction.
, the devices used by parents should be password protected as well.
For example
, many websites,
and Netflix, filter out a lot of graphic content, if they know that a child has logged in. These steps, if followed vigilantly, can go a long way in preventing
crimes. To conclude,
the internet
is a bi-edged sword, with a number of potential risks and complications.
, stringent monitoring and regulating the content they can view, can help avoid
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Problem-and-solution essays fall naturally into two parts, the first describing and exploring the problem, the second setting out the solution or solutions.

You essay structure should look something like this:

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraph 1 – Problems
  • Body paragraph 2 – Solutions
  • Conclusion

Examples to start your body paragraph:

  • One of the first problems of the...
  • Another problem that needs to be considered...
  • A possible solution to this problem would be...
  • One immediate practical solution is to...

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