In many countries people are living in a "throwaway society" where things are used for a short time and thrown away. What are the causes of this and what problems does it lead to?

People in many different countries are living a thrown away culture, where a particular
is used for a short period and
it is discarded. There are several reasons for
trend, and it has different consequences. One of the many reasons is that technology is advancing every day. Many companies are striving to bring a better and more efficient
to the market, while
making the previous version of the same
redundant. Sometimes,
updated products are introduced even before the old one can be used to its full potential.
For instance
, every few years Apple introduces a new phone with better specifications, even though the previous phone is working fine. Another factor is that we live in a society where having a new
is considered as a status symbol.
As a result
, there is a constant pressure on a person to throw away his old
and buy a new one.
For example
, the price of the iPhone is exorbitantly high, but people still buy the new one in order to be accepted in their society. As a consequence of
throwaway culture, there is an increase in the
, which is
damaging the environment. Research has shown that every year
is increasing at an alarming speed which poses a threat to the planet Earth. It is
known that technological
has a more harmful impact on the natural environment.
, peer pressure to own a latest
has given rise to various mental health and social issues.
For example
, people are more likely to be depressed and commit a crime when there is constant competition to be better than others. In conclusion, technological advancement and consumerism are the leading causes of
throwaway society, which gives rise to
problem and social issues. If only the government takes the necessary measures to halt
, the problem of
can be solved.
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