Some people think that work is the most important thing of people’s life. Without the success of career, life become meaningless. To what extent do you agree or disagree? You should write at least 250 words.

world, having a work with better pay is vital to the living. Some people argue that without a successful profession, a person's career is not complete. I completed agree
statement and the following essay state points to support my opinion.
, we need money to run a family. If we have a good work with a better payment
we can lead the family without financial struggles.
, performing well in the field leads to promotion with salary hike.
, we can spend more budget for the family.
makes the individual's life successful.
For example
, in Kerala, there is a survey conducted by the authorities among the older parents, reveals that they are happy with their children who earns more and are in a good company in the society.
, having a decent job in an area where the individual likes making them happier and satisfied. A task without a satisfaction lead to stress and depression.
, in
situation, youngsters cannot find a meaning for their life.They do a job to get the salary to run the family and to get a position in the society.
For instance
, most of the workers in IT field are not facing motivated because of the un-interest towards the work and pressure from the management. In conclusion, in my opinion, having a job with good pay and satisfaction makes an individual's life worth and relaxed. Without those things, youngsters feel ignored by the loved ones and depressed in their career.
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