Countries are becoming more and more similar because people are able to buy the same products anywhere in the world. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Globalization is rapidly taking over our
as the internet evolves. The similarity among nation is even becoming increasingly accentuated since people are able to purchase the same goods from any part of the globe.
essay is going to support that it is a negative development by analysing the harmful impact globalization has on the different cultures across the
as well as on our environment. The easy access to buy products from other parts of the
is destroying cultural unities and identities since people are replacing their traditional habits for new ones coming from economically dominant nations
as North Americans and Europeans.
For example
, a recent research shows that in my country people are listening more International songs than Brazilian ones and even the national songs have been added elements from North American music in order to be successful.
As a result
, the features of our traditional music are fading rapidly and it represents a treat to our culture.
, the environment is another victim of globalization because consumers often buy online
of buying from local businesses. By doing
, they leverage the number of shipments.
For instance
year the shipping industry was considered the
industry more polluting in the
due to its enormous release of carbon dioxide to our atmosphere.
, it contributes to the intensification of global warming, a major concern among societies around the planet. In conclusion, it is clear that globalization represents a negative development to countries as it undermines cultures and depletes the environment. People should be aware of these facts in order to buy more consciously. Nowadays, we can vote for the future of our nations not only in the elections but
choosing what we purchase.
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