Nowadays people believe that social networking sites such as Facebook have had a huge negative impact on both individual and society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Most of the people around the world who has an access to the internet and owns a computer or a smartphone is likely to use the social networking sites. Out of them the most popular is the Facebook. Some people argue that these sites have a negative impact on a person as well as the society. I partially agree with the given argument. On one hand, the online network platform enables people to connect with each other through the internet. These mediums
serves as a major news source to their users. Apart from that, people get to understand trends, gossip and events ongoing around them.
For example
, I personally use Facebook as a news source because it's more convenient than traditional news broadcasting system through a television and a newspaper.
, I
get to know what my friends, leaders and the favourite celebrities activity.
In addition
, it
gives us power to directly interact with a political leader, actor and author through comments on their posts.
On the other hand
, these mediums bear a major challenge
as spreading of fake news, sharing of inappropriate contain and manipulation of thought.
For example
, it is evident that during the presidential election in the United States a Facebook played an important role to manipulate opinion of the general public by spreading false news of a Hillary Clinton. Eventually, she was defeated.
In addition
, people are flooded with a negative content, which sometimes cause frustration to an individual. To conclude, if it is used in an appropriate way it can serve as a communication platform, news source and medium get and share idea.
way, it can
go out of control and manipulate the prospective of person.
, social media when used properly can give us an amazing power of the technology and vice versa.
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