Ordinary people try to copy famous personalities by seeing them on TV or reading about them in the newspapers.Why do they do this?Do you think it is a good idea to copy famous people?

era television and newspaper have a great influence on common people's life. Ordinary people always try to copy eminent personalities when they are appearing on TV or magazines. I strongly believe it is not a good practice to copy other's Character. In
essay we will scrutinize why the normal people imitate famous persons and
analyse why it is not a good practice.
To begin
, Famous personalities are always present in different TV shows or newspapers. The Common people, especially, teenagers always try to mirror famous personalities because of two main reasons. Primarily Young people believe that if they emulate the eminent personalities, particularly, film stars they will become more popular in a short time span.
For instance
, a majority of youngsters in India follow some film stars or sports persons.
, another group people argues that, mirroring eminent personality’s behaviour will give success in their life. Because of these irrelevant thoughts most of the young people try to follow the famous personality’s life style. Is it a good idea to copy someone, I believe it is not because each person's personality is related to the circumstances and these are specific to each person, though they say to fake it to make it I doubt
that is
a good enough strategy.
, excessive copying tendency will result high physical and mental health related problems.
For example
, a recent survey, conducted in India reveals that, in 2015 30 % of teenage girls undergo different kind of cosmic surgeries. These surgeries adversely affect their physical health. As well, high, mirroring behaviour sometimes leads to poor school attendance and will result in bad academic performance which
affects their mental health. In conclusion, it is better to believe yourself for success rather than copying other’s behaviour.TV and newspapers are projecting only positive side of the success and always try to hide the bad side from the public

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