People naturally resist making changes in their lives. what kinds of problems can this cause? what solutions can you suggest?

It is often said that changes motivate the development, and that changes can bring new opportunities.
, many people seem to be rather reluctant to make and deal with changes in their lives.
, can cause several problems.
, being reluctant to accept new changes can make you become disadvantageous to your competitors. Take farming as an example. New and modern farming methods are often believed to help lower prices and increase quality of agricultural products. Farmers who stick to old farming techniques may not be competitive enough to survive.
In contrast
, those who love and welcome modern technology will sell their products at lower prices and better quality;
, become the winner in the market.
, resisting against changes can be the hindrance to adapt to the new environment. Students who study abroad,
for instance
, often have to face with many problems in a country they do not get familiar with.
, they may suffer from culture shock, new working and living styles, strange habits and customs.
As a result
, they can potentially feel stressful and frustrated. Changing is the only way can students make to help them blend in a new community. There are several solutions to overcome these problems.
of all, people should keep themselves well informed about up-to-date information and knowledges by,
for example
, reading newspapers and accessing to the Internet more often. It is lack of information and knowledges that makes people hesitate to change. If a farmer knows how beneficial modern farming methods are, is there any reason that he or she does not apply them?
of all, people should change themselves and learn to acknowledge the fact that changes can bring more advantages than disadvantages, and that the changes are an inevitable trend. To do so, they should practise “dare to think and dare to do”. There may be risks and difficulties when making changes, but only the brave are rewarded with victory and honour. In conclusion, resisting to change can cause several problems that need individual efforts to overcome. Making changes when necessary can make our lives better.

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