There is an increasing trend around the world to have a small family rather than a large family. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a small family rather than a large family.

Nowadays, people often thought that it is of great value to have a nuclear family
of having an extended family. Raising up a small family is beneficial owing to the reduction of chaos and misunderstanding in the family
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and it lowers the amount of money spent on tuition fees but there are drawbacks to be taken into account. One major benefit of having a smaller family is that there will be few times when the family will experience misunderstanding amongst
themselves which
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themselves, which
reduces a child’s tendency of being aggressive in the future.
For instance
, in 2015,
UNICEF outcome
the UNICEF outcome
their research states that 70 percent of stubborn children are raised in an extended home.
, the amount of money
that is
required to cater for a child’s education and the domestic needs will be minimal, thereby, saving up so much for the family.
will enable them to boost their
wealth status
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wealth, status
in the society. Which is
as a result
of them having few financial responsibilities to deal with in the family.
On the other hand
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a major issue with small family is that
a parent
the parent
so much love and care
their children because there are few of them.
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will, however
lead to a child finding it so difficult to be independent when they become adult.
has often times led to a negative outcome in their adulthood. Another disadvantage is that small family reduces the success tendency in a home, because parent most times limit the children from doing what they love but
what their parent expects of them. In conclusion, while smaller family is advantageous to the society, people should be aware of the setback
as lack of
freedom from control or influence of another or others
children face when they become adult and their inability to decide for themselves in their personal life goal.
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