Some people say that it is possible to tell a lot about a person's culture and character from their choice of clothes. Do you agree or disagree?

Our dressing sense says a lot about us.
, some people think that it is probably easy to guess an individual's
and culture from its dressing style. I personally disagree with
essay will discuss
scenario using the examples of Oxford University research and Time Magazine survey to demonstrate points and support claims.
, people like to assume someones background norms from its dressing. They assume that by seeing any person, you can imagine the boldness of the society. But
is not the case.
For example
, Oxford University in 2015 researched on the possibility of guessing someones ancestral living style by just watching his clothing sense and find out that it is not possible at all, because people easily adapt other cultures leaving behind their parent lifestyle.So from
example, it is clear that the assumption of guessing norms of that society by watching someones dressing is baseless.
, some people link clothing with the
. They assume that the short dressing means a person's
is bad.
, they consider it obscene,
of appreciating any new trend of short dressing.
, a survey of Time Magazine in 2018 suggests the same story that 60% of people think that people don't regard new trends as fashion, but they consider it sometimes the vulgarity. So from
example, it is clear that the fashion sense is not a
representation. To conclude, choosing a cloth doesn't say anything about our thinking or our background norms. I personally think that based on the above analysis, fashion has no relation
the other factors of the society. It will be good that we will change our view to appreciate dressing, rather than tagging it with the norms and the
of that person.

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