Many people believe that the increasing number of cars in cities is the biggest source of pollution and waste. Others think that industries are the ones causing pollution. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

In the modern world, many people are keen to think that the main cause of the pollution in the urban areas is cars, as the surrounding world contaminated by the carbon emissions of vehicles.
, others feel that the biggest source of
problem is industrious. After pondering
phenomenon, personally, I believe that these two factors are equally guilty for the environmental problems. On the one hand, it is true that the increasing number of cars may pollute the air and water.
That is
to say, cars may become the burning issue of the society because of the carbon emissions and dangerous gases to the environment.
, more vehicle on the road means more problems for the people. To illustrate, the greatest number of cars can cause a traffic jam during the rush hours and car accidences.
, many people believe that introducing new taxes for vehicles in order to reduce their number is a viable option.
In addition
, developing public transportation can be solved too.
On the other hand
, it is clear that many factories produce a lot of waste and pollutants. Factories are accounted as a main cause of the environmental problems in the urban areas, especially in industrial cities.
For example
, many ecologies blame the industries on the global warming and climate change.
problem can be solved by recycling materials and eco-friendly products. In conclusion,
many individuals blame the factories and cars on the environmental issues, personally, in my opinion, I believe that they are equally guilty on these questions.
, people are able to solve the problems by utilizing eco-friendly products and introducing new taxes for the cars.

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