Studies suggest that the rise in the consumption of junk foods is the major cause of obesity. Some people argue that this problem can be tackled to a great extent by increasing the price of food items. Do you agree or disagree?

It is thought by many that the rising cause of obesity is due to eating fast nutriment, but others think that increasing fatness problems can be resolved by changing the actual price of the meal items. In my opinion, I agree with the idea of inflating the cost of
commodities to deal with corpulence and the supporting points will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs.
To begin
with, the affordability of junk cuisine is a major concern which is leading to obesity.
, fast edibles in the market is now available at very cheap charges which is easily accessible by the teenagers and adults. Masses prefer to eat
bread in the markets
of eating home made sustenance. The only solution to deal with
is to increase the cost of items twice to the actual rate.
For instance
, if Burger is available at $3, raising its amount of $5 will think people to invest these bucks in the healthy commons
of buying only burger.
, artificial sweeteners in junk comestible are
a concern. Not only, the consumption of fast foodstuff products is the only reason to increase the fare expense, but
there are some diets which
some artificial sweeteners in soaring amount.
type of
a source of materials to nourish the body
helps in accumulating excess fat in the liver, which in later stages lead to critical illness. Inflating the amount of these products will lead to less consumption.
For example
, it has been found that children who are eating junk refreshments which has artificial sweeteners are obese at the age of 15. In conclusion, to tackle with
, high tariff can be an effective way to discourage the consumption of fast
the audience reached by television
. In fact, if countries put
idea into practice, there will be fewer fat people around.
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