Some people think that the media (newspapers) have the right to publish details of people’s private life, while others think it should be controlled. Discuss both views

Many commentators believe that the media possess the right to publicize an individual’s personal life.
In contrast
, others would argue that
authority should be limited. Both these schools of thought hold valid arguments, which will be discussed before a personal stance being presented. Indisputably, the media
as radio, TV channels, the internet and especially newspapers, are a powerful tool to confront facts and figures associated with celebrities. Exposure of well-known people’s other faces, particularly artists and politicians, can serve the public to comprehend the truth behind their words and performances. Since these facts are brought to light, the public shall have the opportunity to confirm whether celebrities are worthy of supporting or not.
For example
, the personal lives of political leaders
as Donald Trump can be crucial criteria that reveal how loyal they are to their slogans.
On the other hand
, opponents may believe that public personalities
have intimate details that must not be interfered with for people to gossip. It is a human right for everyone to have private information kept confidential.
, invading public figures’ privacy shall be against their will, and it shall indeed violate the law of privacy.
, in many cases, free publicity of private details may lead to insecurity in their lives as well as have detrimental effects on their career. All things considered,
publishing the personal lives of individuals may have some positive benefits, it
adversely affects the privacy of public figures. Given that, governments and individuals should make a collective effort to impose regulations on the media in order to protect people’s private life.

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