Maintaining public libraries are waste of money and resources since internet is now replacing their functions. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

While many people surf the internet to download digitalised books, there are some people who prefer going to the library. I am of the belief that the libraries play an important role in improving the communication skills between the readers and posses updated books rather than online platforms
To begin
with, nowadays, there are some learners who claim that there are many platforms that serve many books which are needed in different fields of education, but they still find that book room is the comfortable and quiet place to read and study.
, the materials found on the internet are mostly out of copyrights because any copyright lasts for 70 years after the author dies,
as a result
they will not find the latest best seller or up-to-date information.
For example
, every university must contain a library for their undergraduates do their own research and that can help them develop their communication skills. As it can be seen, libraries in these days are important in the educational system, and it should be maintained and reloaded by the latest materials.
, there are some senior citizens who say that they are not able to use technology, so it is hard for them to surf the internet in order to download E-materials or even read them on a laptop or a smart phone.
That is
why they prefer going to the Bibliotheca and they deserve to stay in a good place to read.
, they find a community to exchange information and to have a great time together.
can be witnessed be an article in the Egyptian Gazette, which says that 50 percent of the elder parents prefer going to the libraries rather than sitting in a cafe or at home.
That is
why I believe that libraries play a pivotal role in a specific sector of the society. In conclusion, after the essay has shown why the libraries are important to any country, it is necessary to maintain them and it will not be a waste of money. I adopt the stance that we should repair them, so that it can serve the people's needs.
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