In the past, when students did a university degree, they tended to study in their own country. Nowadays, they have more opportunity to study abroad. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this development? You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

Earlier students did their higher education in their country, but now due to globalisation students have a lot of opportunities to go to foreign countries for higher education. I would like to discuss the pros and cons of this development in this essay. One advantage of pursuing higher studies abroad is that students get to interact with different kinds of people and learn about new cultures and languages. This helps to enhance their perspectives. For example, recent studies have shown that people who have studied and worked in different counties are more adaptive and knowledgeable. They can have better career opportunities because they bring new ideas and technology. On the other hand, studying abroad has its own cons. Students who tend to go to other countries for higher education try to make the new country their home. They finish their studies, start with their career and settle down there. For example, many Indian students go to foreign countries like the United States of America to pursue their higher education. Instead of returning to their country after completing their studies, they get enamoured of the sophisticated lifestyle of the rich country and choose to live there. In this way, many developing and underdeveloped countries lose valuable human resources. In conclusion, there are both benefits and drawbacks to studying abroad. The main advantage is that the students get to learn a lot of new things while studying abroad. The main disadvantage is that they may choose not to return to their country and thus fail to contribute to its development.
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