some people believe that having a pet such as a cat or a dog helps old people to live more enjoyable life and try to stay healthier. How do you think old people benefit from having a pet? Do you think there are any problems related to old people who have pets?

In our modern life, people have many ways to keep good mind. If
or companion animal is one of them, which is an animal that can help people to get a better company or entertainment. Number of people confide that having a
like as a cat and a dog can support elderly to obtain more pleasurable and to keep healthier.
hairs, Nails and saliva may affect the health conditions of people, the benefits that these lovely animals give people entertain. On one hand, some pets are becoming very intelligent. They can understand people. When people feed and well looked after pets, encourages them to become even more active. Due to
extra activity between animals and people growing a depth of love. For
reason animals are becoming more toward their Boss. Because of
love and affection when people have some serious problem with their
can understand them and often try to help.
On the other hand
, in spite of the advantages, there have a lot of threads to close interaction between
and vulnerable old people still exist. Of the major harmfulness of these is animal hairs.
hairs surrounding around people and causes many of diseases like asthma. Beside of
, animals Nails and saliva
more causes affect. If any
tosses someone in, it can cause people into serious illness.
with that if people have a little baby and animals in their house together, it can cause dangerous. In conclusions, it is true that obstacles still exist for elderly people in adopting pets, but the benefits of
topic outnumber its shortages. For
of discounting them,
support would be far more beneficial.

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