Foreign visitors should pay more than local visitors for cultural and historical attractions. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion.

It is undeniable that tourism has become a booming industry these days.
, some people contend that foreign tourists should be charged more as compared to the people of a host
during their visit to the worthseeing places of the
essay will argue why charging high prices for the people of other countries is a slightly preposterous despite some other potential reasons.
To begin
with, many people tend to choose abroad countries for travelling and the idea to pay higher amount of
than other visitors is an unacceptable to some extent. The reason why prices should be same for all is that if the host
will get more
from foreigners,
there will be a drastic decrease in the number of visitors because no one will consider
positively and feel themselves being robbed by the people of that particular area. Indeed, there have been some recorded instances of people who travel frequently to other destinations of their interest always feel connected with that particular
when they are treated equally and they keep the desire to travel to that
more than once. These few instances make it clear why native nation should be respectful towards the residents of the other
in terms of the chargeable cost of hotels, restaurants and other activities of their interest. Despite
, some tourist excursions are available only in a limited time of the year and for the dwellers of that particular
, tourism might be a seasonal occupation and in order to boost their economy in a restricted time period it is a quite reasonable to get lucrative from the foreigners. Because people have to rely on their seasonal income for the rest of the year
that is
why it is insisted to charge a little bit more from the cross
, certainly for the infrastructure of the renowned visiting places large sum of
is required and eventually it would be only possible if the prices of the activities are higher.
For example
, Manali is a popular hill station of India where one could see immense visitors only in summer season and the people of that
get massive avail from the visiting folks. Overall, the idea to be paid more
by another nationality dwellers could potentially lead towards the strong economic outcome. To conclude,
essay argued why to increase the prices for the people who is travelling from abroad to their interesting tourist destination is justified a detriment to the host
somewhat. In my opinion, in the tourist spots there should be equality for the all so that no one could feel inferior.

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