Some people believe that children’s leisure activities must be educational otherwise they are a complete waste of time. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your experience.

Nowadays, people are giving more focus on the development of their child. Some people think that children’s free
is spent by a performing educational activity which helps them in their creativity and mind growth. In my opinion, I agree with
will helps in analytical and mental growth of the children.
To begin
with, One of the important reason is that children were not having ability to understand which exercise is good or bad for them so, if someone strictly monitor and guide them about the educational games
it would be more beneficial.
, the age from 10 to 15 of the children is the critical part in which
they have to learn some moral values that longs for the entire life span of a person.
For example
, In India most of the children play play of a teacher, in that they were learning that how to behave in class and talk with the teacher.
As a result
, doing
leisure movement one can learn something and they enjoy their
, introducing games that need creativity and analytic thinking
play vital role in the development of children.
, it
helps children to identify their skills and their interest in a particular, subject during the school
which helps in the near subsequent when they are in the universities.
For instance
, parents know that their children having drawing skills, they send them in art class where they learn more in and their skills will be expanded in the near future, they may select that as their career as well.
type of activity helps in overall development of the children and helps the society as well. In conclusion, children can learn anything easily compare to any other age people. If academic institute teaches them good values,
will help an individual developer and society
get discipline person.
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