Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems. To extent do you agree or disagree. What other measures do you think might be effective.

The traffic congestion and pollution problems cannot be resolved by raising the price of fuel. I completely disagree with the statement, because these kinds of initiatives only put a burden on people. We should and persuade them to shift on the other resources of energy as well as to travel by public transportation.
of all, increasing the value of petrol is not an appropriate solution.
, it will increase not only the amount of goods, but
also accelerate
also accelerates
has also accelerated
the fares and it will
affect the health department.
increment cannot stop people from travelling because they do work related to their jobs on vehicles not for luxury purposes.
For instance
, in the seventeenth century, price of petrol rose in the USA to overcome similar problems.
, for just a few months a decline in the car use was observed. After
, it had increased dramatically. Government should play an indispensable role in
matter. It can spread the awareness among humans through a mass medium. The underground or an elevated transportation system is the most effective way to decrease traffic congestion and realize to human beings to travel on a public transport to save their environment.
For example
, if people will commute on the public transport, it reduces the amount of carbon footprint as well as the traffic volume. Because the major cause these problems are private transport. To conclude, it is not an appropriate way to reduce vehicular density and a carbon footprint by accelerating the fuel prices. Anyone can easily overcome on these burning issues if they will use electric cars or any vehicles that moves on other resources.
, attract humans towards government transit through low fares.

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