Some people believe that the only way to see God is through Jesus, others think that there are other ways regardless. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion

earth is created by God only.
, nobody has seen him throughout the history considerably. Where a group of individual thing, specifically "The religion, God names" who believe that only Jesus can help to see God. Whereas, others are in the favour of to find some other form to meet God. While, I personally pay attention to individuals' inner qualities rather than any term of God, which is given by the nature only.
essay will discuss both the views behind my view point.
, Mankind has made up their mind set to worship Jesus can only be the means to find God. Not only grown-up, but children are affected by
generation is paying attention to superstitions rather than their inner qualities and good behaviour. In
contemporary era, superstitious is kind of a business has been dramatically increasing.
, people are more depending on God's nickname, but the actuality has been vanished that God is everywhere and in everything, who is looking after the earth to give punishment for any wrongdoing at any pace of life. There is an another school of thought where people believe that "God is only one" but the different label has been given by the different religions.
is a paradoxical statement, to put it in another means it contradicts the precedent but true. One should focus on their good karma rather than believing in any kind of spiritual names. We are living in an egalitarian society, where people are in egalitarianism as a boy or a girl,
, to worship, in some religion's girls are not allowed,
as a result
, could girls not be able to see God in their whole life? We should be stopped on trusting in the name of Jesus, but believing on ourself could be the best way to seek God. To summarise, Jesus is only the name, by which we can worship, to make all understand that someone is there who is looking after forgiving punishment for any wrongdoing, but cannot find God.
, we should not be totally dependent on the name but pay attention to good karma either for saving the world or respect others, which is counted at the end of our life.
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    • Sentence 3 - Discussion
    • Sentence 4 - Conclusion
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