The internet has transformed the way information is shared and consumed, but it has also created problems that did not exist before. What are the problems issociated with the internet and what solutions can you suggest ?

techno-savvy era, the way of getting material is changing day by day,
it creates many issues.
essay will discuss the problems like lack of security and create the difference between the real and virtual situations, including the possible solutions as government regulations for cyber crimes and collaboration between parents and teachers. The two main issues of the Internet are security issues of personal information and make the difference between real and virtual reality.
, the internet is not safe in the terms of safety, because one can steal the info to anyone.
For example
, most of the sources do not hide the personal data of users which will become the main reason behind the fraud and cyber crimes.
, it shows the different face to the users from the actual world.
For instance
, the technology always gets familiar to the people from imagination earth, which is quite different from the reality of the nature. The two possible solutions which make
situation better is to make some rules, including with the collaboration between the teachers and the parents of the children.
, the internet is a good source of knowledge, but the government should have to make some rules, so that the cyber crimes can be decreased. If the authority makes strict rules
each one has to follow those rules and
will help to reduce these frauds.
, to stop the addictive of the technology, the parents and the teachers have to work together to overcome
this problems
this problem
these problems
. Because, children are the most addictive of the internet and if these both will worm together to divert the mind of the children to anywhere else and educated them that how they can use the technology in a proper way,
they will aware of
problem. To conclude, no doubt
is the technological era and it is the most popular way to spread knowledge all over the nature. But it has problem related to safety and imagination world.
discussed these both and provides some solution like strict laws and rules, including parents and teacher collaboration.
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